Self Portrait

I am a writer (which is obvious) and a punk (which is not so obvious). I believe in Magick and miracles. I am a traveller and a student. I am always trying out new things to learn, currently I’m learning tarot card reading. The supernatural and the unknown fascinates me.

I’m a Potterhead and a television junkie. If not a writer I would have been a doctor. Since I could not be a doctor, I learnt alternative forms of healing and plan to get a PhD so that at least I get the title 😉

I have a tattoo on my ankle. It is a Lyre.  I plan to get two more!

I love cooking too. I like to experiment rather than following the recipe. I’m that way in my life too. I like to live my life in my own way. If someone dictates terms, I run away as fast as possible!

I am a karaoke singer and my favorite genres of music are Pop, Jazz, RnB and Blues. I’m also a dog lover, born in a family of Dog haters, it took me 18 years, but I finally converted them!

So this is me at a glance. My self portrait. You can know me better through my writing!

Peace and Love




2 thoughts on “Self Portrait

  1. Paz y amor 🙂

    Fred och kärlek

    Mir i ljubav

    Peace and love are powerful and positive words.
    Keep up the good writing you really have some good stuff here.

    Perfect love on your PhD and writing journey

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