Changing the Scale- Thank you Sir Silas

I remember when I was maybe around 13 or 14 years old, Music was extremely important to me.  At that time I just wanted to sing my little heart out. Music was the glue that joined all us friends together and as such we were all part of the Western Music Choir in school. I had tried and given up on the Indian Classical music already by this time, but singing is innate to me. I can thank mummy for that. Today when I was listening to Adele’s All I Ask, I noticed how she changes the scale towards the end of the song. Now, this is a feature that used to show up very often in songs of old but in the latest pop songs, I don’t see it happen too often. While singing the song and realizing that the scale change isn’t really hard for me, I thought of my wonderful Western Music teacher in School, Sir Silas.

Words cannot describe the respect that all of us had for him and the way he taught us, with all his heart and soul. He was much more than just a music teacher. In our confusing adolescent years, when all emotions are heightened and stupid things seem more important than they are, he was a teacher that kept us grounded in reality and listened to our rants about our studies, other teachers and also our friendships.

He would always tell me that I had a skill that I should be proud of and in the very little time that I had with him, he tried to train me as much as he could. One hot afternoon, He sat in the open hall of the junior section, strumming on his guitar as a bunch of us sat on the ground near his feet. We were singing Edelweiss from The Sound of Music, suddenly he changed the scale and told me to try to start singing from there. I would sing a line and he would change the scale again. High, low… every which way his scale went. He would change it and I would listen intently, try to match it with my voice. This little piece of learning stayed in my mind without  me even realizing it. Today, I may not be the most skilled singer but because of Sir Silas I can proudly say that I can successfully change the scale in the middle of a song.

He left us too soon and I couldn’t meet him  one last time because I kept thinking that I would someday in the future but I lost that chance when he passed away.

Thank you Sir Silas. You are missed terribly and this one is dedicated to you.

All I Ask- Cover by Ridhu


A Thousand Years

Original song by Christina Perri. I wanted to cover it since yesterday night. Why wait? 🙂

This is for the inspiration

There are times in every ones life when they feel worthless and useless, this is for the people who lift my spirits up during those times. I sang this for those people who have been there for me through the years and also for the people I have just met and who have made me see the world in a different light. I just want to say I love you all and I hope, god forbid, one day if you feel blue, you think of me and also understand that yes, this is the climb and it is going to be hard.

Norah Jones

I heard Norah Jones for the first time when I was about 15 years old. My first listen to the cassette of her album Come Away With Me turned into my second and my third listen. I changed from side A to side B, as the system with cassettes was and I had tears in my eyes every time. The words, the music, the voice, or maybe all three (I can’t say which) were causing this great upheaval inside of me. It was no wonder that she got all those Grammies for the album. Norah Jones was the first singer who got me interested in jazz and blues. She introduced me to the genre. I am a measly amateur singer, but I try my best, this is dedicated to her. Norah Jones.

Selfishness or Self Preservation?

We have been told that ‘God helps those who help themselves’ and ‘self help is the best help’. Well it is true. I have seen and experienced that the only one you can really and truly count on is yourself. When your trust gets broken, it is a horrible horrible feeling. I’m sure everyone must have experienced it at least once, if not then I hope you never have to. The world is selfish and people are selfish. Maybe even I am selfish. All I work for is my happiness and my family.  But then I have come across some people who harm others for their benefit. Those are the worst kind of people. Lying, scheming, two-faced. And as I grew older I saw more and more such people. I guess selfishness grows with age.

What is the difference then between selfishness and self preservation? Maybe its the same difference between Homicide and killing someone whole protecting oneself. You bear the consequences for the former. Self preservation is an animal instinct, and we are all animals. We look after our young and old, we look after our food and shelter, we look after our prizes and possessions and we look after our body and soul. Now that can’t be termed being selfish! Who in this world is truly selfless? One might say that the saints,the priests and social workers. But even they have the ultimate goal of salvation in their minds. Even they are working to attain something for themselves. Well then selflessness does not exist at all. And maybe for good. If a wholly selfless person comes strolling down the road, he will be attacked and chewed up by the others like Zombies. He will have to preserve himself. It is therefore impossible to be completely selfless!

Just to lighten the mood, here is the link to a Duet I sung with myself. 😉 Its not very good. But yes, it shows that I don’t need anyone even to sing a duet with! 😀 do comment if you enjoy it!


Everyday I turn on music when I am getting dressed.I just select a band or an artist and play all their videos on Vevo. Today after ages I suddenly remembered Ronan Keating. He was one of the singers in my regular  music dose, then the cassettes gave way to Mp3 players and I stopped buying music. Amongst all the technology changes, he was forgotten. I have to admit, other than the song Words, I never connected with the music of his band Boyzone. But Keating as a solo artist touched my musical soul. Today I must have heard his songs after atleast five years but I was so surprised when I realized I still knew all the lyrics! 

His voice used to serenade me to sleep through my walkman earphones and I used to giggle with excitement when he sang ‘I love it when we do all we do when we do…’ 

Well these are a few memories that Ronan Keating gave me so this is dedicated to him.

I Sing Too…

I have been singing and listening to music for as long as I can remember. It started with nursery rhymes and currently is Adele and such. I love singing to karaokes and recording my voice. After constant nagging of a friend I finally made this video and shared it with the world. Now putting the link up here. Do comment if you like it. It’s not perfect, but then its me. There are many more from where this came! 🙂

Cover. Make You Feel My Love