I’m currently a student, something I wish to be for all my life. I’m studying Creative Writing in Newcastle University. Some might say to write you don’t need an M.A. but I disagree. Yes I could write before I started this course and maybe would have gone on writing without it too, but what I learn in my classes every week, it is just mind-boggling. Its stuff that was right there but I never thought about and also its the closest I can get to literature without doing another bachelor’s degree.

Well so that is about my current state! I live in uni accommodation and I have classes just twice a week. It is starting to get pretty cold here, but I’m quite satisfied with my life as of now!


14th Oct 2011


I’m still a student and I still wish that is what I could remain, but now I have started freelancing along with studying and I have to say, I quite like working. Seeing my name in print is one of the biggest highs that I get and since I am getting more and more of that now, I’m addicted! So my plan for doing a PhD. is on hold for now. I am trying to find a job as a journalist and I hope I find one soon!

🙂 xx

27th Feb 2012


It’s a whole new year and a whole new outlook on life. There have been downfalls and I have gotten up scratched and bruised but still in one piece. Turns out the economy is worse than I expected it to be and the job market is like the Sahara with tiny little oases of media houses left who don’t acknowledge the fact that I have an M.A. So I have to leave the desert for the time being and I am planning to move to the US, which incidentally has ALWAYS been my plan but was getting pushed back because of something or another. I will take training in the field of IT and will probably be like the blonde woman in the TV show the IT Crowd but… it’s something! In other news I miss my friends who will come to see me, I’m still failing in my endeavor of becoming thin and I still love my dog!!

🙂 xx

4th Feb 2013


The IT Thing in itself didn’t work out and neither did the plan to settle in the USA. The best thing that came out of the 9 months that I spent there is- I got extremely close to my extended family I was living with and I cannot call them ‘extended’ anymore. They are my other family in the US! Their kids became like my kids and their puppies were my puppies- all till I had to leave. The second best thing that happened, I got employed in the Indian counterpart of my uncle’s company. I love my job as it is not core IT. I get to be creative, use my brain and be professional all while working from home. It is not ideal, but it is what my life is right now. Don’t know where my journey will take me in the future, but for now-Home is where I am!

🙂 xx

12th Aug 2014


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