Too little time… too much to talk about!

So, I have been hounded by a few people to write the blog and I apologise to have been absent for all this time.

The best thing that has happened recently is FINANCE IS OVER!!!! (let the joyous dancing commence)

Here is a snapshot of all the other things that have happened since I last wrote.

  • We had a girls night for T's birthday which ended in us running to shelter our self from the freezing rain. Fun to think about now but was extremely cold then!
  • I went to Melbourne to meet my beautiful little cousin and also see a new city. So much art and culture. It was like going back to the things I truly enjoy from all my heart and soul. Good food, awesome cocktails, beautiful art and interesting history.
  • Saw Van Gogh's art at the Art Museum in Melbourne. His famous Self Portrait was there so took a modern day selfie with it.
  • I experienced the Vivid Festival right here in Sydney and went on a tour of the Sydney opera house. I wish it wasn't so expensive to see a show there! In the tour we saw the various halls and the biggest one had the largest organ in the world which, took two years just to tune when it was constructed.
  • I had the ultimate chocolate explosion in Max Brenner with PV. Waffles, strawberries, Chocolate sauce, Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate… there are no words to describe the feeling that first sip of the cozy, warm hot chocolate brought on. *shudders and goosebumps*
  • I completed the Finance assignment on my own and after that we had a wine and dance party
  • We successfully passed our Finance exam and had a wine and dance party after that again.
  • I went to Pitt Street to shop and spend 5 hours at the mall without even realizing it.
  • I have set up the experiment for my research project. It's about which lip color is more attractive. I am doing a neuroscience test for that. That involves me hooking up the respondents to machines that will test their Galvanic Skin Response, their heart rate and their eye movements to measure their psychological response. Pretty Science fictiony! Now I have to analyse the results that the machines have generated. :/
  • Celebrated a few more birthdays
  • Started hard core marketing classes.
  • Had an imprompu Karaoke Party with the 'Benchers'
  • Danced to one of Sydney's best club, Argyle, with T and her roomie.
  • Talked in french after so long with A's French Boyfriend who's in town. 🙂
  • D painted my nails gold that didn't suit me, so I found a Gold that did look good with my skin tone and painted my nails the night before the CF exam
  • Did Art Therapy and made a collage about what all I visualize my life to have in the future. Of course it included books, dogs, travel and wine!
  • I went for the trials of archery and felt like I was on the Game of thrones or something! In my photo I did look like Merida from brave because of my curly hair blowing in the wind.
  • D gave me a beautiful Key ring as a present because my deathly hallows key ring broke! 😦 🙂
  • Felt jealous that all my sisters are having an awesome time in Delhi together without me!
  • Missed my dog like a gazilion times.
  • Did I mention- Finance got over! 😀

Well that's about all I can remember and all that I would want to remember in the future when I go and read these blogs. All the rest is inconsequential.

❤ Xoxo Till I find the time to write again.


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