It will be a cold day in hell when I start enjoying Finance.

I need to write this sitting in class because an overload of numbers is happening. Corporate finance sucks.  I feel like this is all Greek AND Latin clubbed together. First few classes were fine when we were doing compound interest and simple interest but then loans came in and then bonds came in. The formulas make no sense, the questions make even less sense. It feels like I know how to swim but the water is still pulling me down and I'm kicking my feet and trying to bring  my head out of the water but I just cannot. Every new question drags me down like a great white shark.


MBA is hard but this is harder still. I want the numbers to end. I don't want to look at the calculator anymore. The worst is when the professor says that "If you cannot follow it's OK- just use common sense to eliminate answers and select the right one." How can I eliminate answers when I cannot even understand the questions? I gave it my best shot. I now officially give up on this subject.

Going back to my happy place- one of the past weekends was fun. I went Surfing! Who would have thought that I could do something so sporty. I did slip off the surfboard a couple of times but on my last try I mastered it- albeit just lying down- 😀 didn't get the courage to stand yet. Maybe next time! I wish I had a surfboard to stay afloat in Corporate Finance.

I obviously looked really funny in a wet suit but the mortification was worth it because the actual act of lying down on a board and being taken for a ride on the waves was so exhilarating!


Thank god for a warm day and no rain! Afterwards we satiated our growling tummies at this awesome beach restaurant called Bucket list. What a place… what a meal!

2017-05-27-PHOTO-00000660  The adventures in Oz didn't end there. Last weekend I went Bush walking (which is Australian for Hiking or Trekking)- oh so much beauty and so much pain! It was almost 13 KMs of climbing, walking, skipping and hopping but it was so worth it. The Blue Mountains awed me and kept me going on because every view that was coming up was way better than the last. We walked over and under waterfalls, climbed up 300 stairs and took in some breathtaking panoramas.

The funniest thing is that I did finish the hike successfully  (Got by with a little help from my friends). Once it was over and we came out of the forests, I was celebrating the end by doing a little jig and ended up twisting my ankle 😐 *facepalm*. Because of this very unfortunate sprain I couldn't partake in the Abseiling the next day, but since I have done rappelling before, thankfully didn't miss out an any novel experience.

The car ride there was so lovely with my "Dear Friends"- lots of good music, munchy food and fun detours. I'm glad I didn't take the train for this trip. Since we had the car, we went out at night to a place where the sky was so dark and the clouds so scarce that I could actually see the milky way. For real. I was literally dumbstruck.

WhatsApp Image 2017-05-28 at 7.35.21 AMWhatsApp Image 2017-05-28 at 7.32.02 AM

For the adventures right at home, we planned to have a girls night in – which turned out to be anything but! It was like an american movie where house parties get out of hand- ok… maybe that is a little exaggeration- but more and more people joined in and it kept on getting merrier. We finally did have our girl's night the week after that. I made salted caramel brownies which were over before the pan was even cool. 😀 Then S threw a Dosa Party for us. The deliciousness of the Idli Podi and the Egg Dosa are unparalleled.


Just yesterday we had a grownup dinner party where PV made chicken curry like a pro! She was so kind to take out some for A and me before putting the chilies in! Shame on us though A,  and 은 ate the spicy one with relish!



So life in Sydney is one big adventure-fest except for the fact that everything sleeps by 5:30pm, including the sun. It is cold and dark for majority of the 24 hours and as such it is difficult to escape the sandman who visit's promptly at aroung 10:30 or 11:00pm making it extremely difficult to stay awake. It's been a while since I have slept so early and for so long.

Enough procrastinating now. Have to go back to studying Corporate Finance as the exam is on Monday #TearsOfSorrow. This weekend will be spent buried in books- but oh well…


Photos by Ankit, Diksha and Apoorva!

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