New Term. New Country. G’Day!

So… Sydney is gorgeous! I am surprisingly at home here and it’s just been ten days that College has started.

It’s a new term. We started on a high with ‘High Impact Teams.’ What an awesome subject. We got to know a lot about our own strengths and personalities through tests that the prof asked us to do. I know that my MBTI personality Type is ENFJ (Extrovert, Intuition, Feeling, Judgement). Now Judgement here doesn’t mean that I judge people (I ABSOLUTELY am the opposite of judgmental) it just means that I am focused and bound by deadlines among other things. What a fun subject. We learned a  lot about psychology and about how to identify the right personalities to form teams.

But now, the studies are back to the dark hole of numbers- Corporate Finance has started… I could cry! I need to use a scientific calculator because I have to use logarithms and obscenely large numbers as powers (pulling my hair out)- the worst part is that the first quiz is today! Thank god the Supply Chain Management course is theoretical and I can study it without going crazy due to the numbers.

Since I’ve come to Australia- I have realized the following about the land down under:

  1. The animals are all crazy looking and sounding- Have you seen a Wombat?
  2. Tasmanian Devils actually do run around in circles!
  3. The weather is amazing
  4. The people are beautiful
  5. The food is a lot like British Food- except that there is a lot more sea food.
  6. Public Transport is expensive
  7. Kangaroos don’t just hop- they also walk on all fours as well as lie down (which is very weird to look at)
  8. Koalas are the chillest beings ever! They sleep for 20 hours a day!
  9. The birds are hilarious. I saw one digging in the ground intently. It saw me staring but it didn’t care. Also there is the Bower Bird that loves the colour blue- so the male will make a shrine out of blue things it finds to attract the female. bowerbird-756720

My affinity towards knowing random facts that I hear is growing in this country because everything is so different from the rest of the world. It feels like the other countries evolved in synchronicity but Australia did it’s own thing. There are new types of animals, trees, climate- just everything is different and I love it!

I have this awesome apartment which is a major move up from the train compartment room I had in Singapore. Its on the 17th floor so the view is just breath taking- be it day or night. The Suburb of Burwood- where I’m living- is vibrant and colorful- except for the fact that most stores close by 6:00pm.


We are back to real life- have to wake up, get dressed and take the bus to college. Some people are missing the easy life we had in Singapore where class was just a couple of floors under our rooms and we could wake up 10 minutes before class start time. I personally am happy about this change. I like it that we have to get out of the building that we are living in. Frankly Singapore had started feeling a little like prison because you didn’t really have to get out of the campus there.

Can’t wait for Marketing classes to start and these number based classes to end soon. I don’t know how much more of this number bashing my brain can take. :/

Sydney is ticking all the boxes for  “Places I can settle down in” as of now. I’m going Surfing this Sunday. I hope I come back in one piece to keep you posted on my MBA journey!



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