A week of lasts- for Singapore at least! 

So the Singapore portion of my MBA journey is complete. I survived… I persevered… I’m proud of myself! 

It was full of ups and downs. You all were there reading it all as it happened to me week by week! I did so many things for the first time here and I made amazing friends. There are my soul sisters A & D and of course all the others- some of whom made regular appearances in my retellings of my week. 

I have been off the grid for a couple of weeks because I was too busy filling my head with everything I learned in these last four months. I had my Exam Week! There were tears and there were tantrums galore because it is not easy to fit in all the numbers from Economics and Two different kinds of accountancy subjects in my brain which rejects numbers like the plague. But I get by with a little help from my friends and S was such a great help with everything accounts as D was for Economics. Thank you girls! Would have literally been lost without you. 

So this week I did a lot of things for the last time 

  • Used my Ikea bowl and mug
  • Rode the MRT
  • Had Veggie Crunch burger at McD
  • Had a beer at ARC
  • Went for a night walk to my beautiful bridge 

    My bridge. I’ll miss it so much!

  • Used the Washy washy to do my laundry
  • Had ‘milk tea’
  • Had a dressed up night out with everyone 

    T Me and A

So as I bid farewell to Singapore, sitting here at the Changi Airport, I leave with nothing but good memories. 

Singapore- you taught me a lot. Not just about MBA stuff but also about life and myself- and I didn’t think there was anything left to learn about these last two things anymore. 

So now the Sydney leg of my journey begins. The nomad part of me is super excited but the homebody part of me is a little sad to be leaving this beautiful country. 

Well at least I will have all of you guys with me (yes I’m talking to you batch GJAN17)! ❤ I hope Sydney is more beautiful where we learn more and more about each other and maybe something about MBA stuff too. 😉

Hasta la vista guys! 


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