A week of many firsts

Right now I am doing the same old thing- studying for quizzes- but last week I had quite a few novel experiences.

First things first, I WENT TO INDONESIA!


This makes it number of countries that I have conquered till now 27/200 (Look at me talking like Alexander the great! :D) It’s been a while since I’ve gotten a new country’s stamp on my passport. The opportunity to do so was just 45 minutes away by ferry and the stamp greedy me couldn’t avoid the temptation- so I booked a hotel, packed my bag and took the boat to Batam. The island looked a lot like our very own Goa with it’s red alluvial soil, green trees and the salty, humid air. Similar shack like shops dotted the street sides and there were resorts and hotels a plenty. I had two days of solitude, serenity and sleep. It was like heaven on earth… sigh… Just me, myself and I and the king size, comfortable bed.

I had delicious Indonesian cuisine, enjoyed the sea side, watched TV on an actual television and basically had a two day vacation in the middle of the week.

P thought she was not going to be in this week’s blog- methinks she is losing her memory. She was a part of two big first time experiences last week! I went to the Central Perk Cafe (Yes, the replica of the one in F.R.I.E.N.D.S) OMG! it was so similar! They even had sets of Monica’s kitchen and Joey and Chander’s apartment. I did have to ‘politely’ request a group of people to move from the orange couch on which, in all probability, they had presumed they had a God given right to sit. They had been parked there since before we arrived and wouldn’t get up even after we were done eating! So inconsiderate! I actually got thank you nods from other groups of people who were waiting for their turn on the couch.

Since it was such an impromptu plan and I had just come back from Batam, I didn’t even have time to wash my hair (which were last washed with hotel shampoo that too after a swim) and went looking like a pony-tailed Severus Snape. How was I to know that after coffee we would actually end up going to one of the hottest clubs in town! *silent head shake* So there I was in a crumpled shirt, with no make up and dirty hair, on my way to 1 Altitude– and it was AMAZING! Wednesdays are Ladies Nights here in town and so we had $10 Martinis and such awesome music to dance to. After hours on the dance floor on the highest building of the city, we were famished of course, so off we went, to a restaurant I had never been to – Spize. I called it a night after that because the boat ride, coffee, dancing and biryani had left me with zero energy- P of course was still all active and went to Bollywood Lah to dance some more! 😀


Hazy memory in the dark!


The view from the club- it was on the 62nd floor!

A couple of days later, I had another night of many firsts:

  • I went out with the Singapore experts- The As


  • I had food at one of the Hawker Centers
  • I walked the Sentosa Boardwalk

The Boardwalk- If you look carefully you can see the ‘Merlion’ in the distance, It’s got fuchsia light on it!


  • I went to a Casino in Singapore
  • I took the monorail from Sentosa back to town

Now, this trip to the casino was not a  leisure activity since it was still the middle of the week. We had an assignment for Operations Management that required us to write Order Winners, Order Qualifiers and Order Losing Sensitive Criteria for a few businesses, one of which was a Casino. Now, I have been to many a casinos but never as a customer, so I had no idea why an actual customer would actually select one casino over another. I asked a frequenter for help, one of the As- and he decided to make it a field trip! 😀 (All photos taken by him 😉 )

On Sunday, my bestie A and I  (The one whom I have coffee dates with) decided to mix it up and go have dinner. We wanted to eat at this Indian Restaurant because we really wanted Dal Makhani and Paratha unfortunately they had a wait time of 40 minutes (Order losing sensitive criteria! :D) So we ended up going to Master Prata to have the substitute of the Paratha. These Pratas that you get here are, I believe, originally from South India, they are made of refined flour instead of whole wheat flour and the chefs have a pretty distinct way to stretch out the dough by twisting it and then slamming it to the table again and again. They stuff it with various awesome things- I had egg, mushroom and cheese in mine. Yum!

Well… the coming weeks are going to be hectic since we have final exams. After that off to Sydney! Woo hoo!

I hope I have something to write about this week because after a very exciting last week, this one seems pretty tame and frankly extremely boring.

Let’s see if I can make it any fun. Still have 4 days left!




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