The Moradian Effect

Hai from Batam, Indonesia! I have a massive project report to write. It requires a lot of reading and citing- so basically lots of focus and time. In all fairness, I could have done this in Singapore sitting on my bed but, as they say, change is the only constant- I needed a little change in scenery. My train compartment like room started closing in on me till I felt like I couldn’t breathe so here I am- the whole Singapore Strait away, sitting on my king size bed and writing.

The past two weeks have been phenomenal- academics-wise. We had two very eccentric professors teaching us two extremely boring subjects. Prof. Peter Clarke (Peter ‘Clark quay’ according to one very pretty girl 😉 ) who was teaching us, or at least trying to teach us, Managerial Accounting. He was very posh- Irish, extremely funny with his expressions and his over the top reactions to little things like someone entering the class late, and his glow in the dark extendable pointer (that’s NOT what she said LOL!). He is the only professor I have had who was teaching from the book he himself had authored. Actually, If I think about it, it has been a while since I have studied using a book at all! It was really refreshing. His last words to us were “If you ever get arrested, don’t tell anyone I taught you Accounting.” 😀

The other professor was Prof. Boman Moradian- now what to say about this man. He was boisterous, passionate about his subject, funny and pretty aberrant for a teacher. He made us write principles for management that he had coined over the years. For instance, “Don’t be a chindi chor, be a khandaani chor,”, “Make sure you die young; after living for as long as possible.” and “Never ever hypothicate your house or I will find you and kill you.” With all the F-bombs, the ‘Kicks you-know-where’, the Pappus and the Bumboos, Prof. Moradian taught us Operations Management in a way no professor has taught anything before. He completely ignored the book, the guidelines set by the college and the process of grading. He did everything his own way and we are better off for it. You can see the love and respect he garnered in all of our faces in the photo with him.


The future CEOs with Prof. Moradian “AHA!”

I hope his blessings work and we do end up as CEOs and/or Entrepreneurs.

The rest of the week went by as usual. I was working on, or trying to work on, my project report. I was failing to focus many a times because I started watching my TV shows again- after a 3 month hiatus. So had lots to catch up on. :/ I know, I know.. I have a problem. There should be a ‘Television Addics Anonymous’ for people like me 😦

I did buy rainbow slippers- my old slippers had become permanently pink because of Holi and looked absolutely horrid.


Some where over the rainbow… skies are blue. And the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true.

I also had my usual, much required, coffee date with A.


Red Velvet Cheesecake and Mushroom Quiche. *Drool*

A new thing that happened was that I found a fellow Subway lover (yay!) so had a Subway dinner date with P. The McD lovers are a plenty, but to find another person who is appreciative of the yumminess of Subway is a treat!

Selamat tinggal from Batam! More about my trip later.



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