I am Lucky

For me, losing friends is never easy.  I have been here for three months now, the fourth month is starting. I, by the virtue of being a peoples’ person, have tried to interact with and befriend everyone. I already have friends back home- friends I have had for years. But remember the Bigg Boss effect that I talked about a couple of weeks ago? When you live in close proximity with the same people for extended periods of time, three months (which really is NOT ample time to get to know someone) seems like three years and you feel like you have known these people forever.

This is definitely our brain tricking us though, because people are not who they seem most of the time and hence you fall out with people as often as you fall in with them. The out part ALWAYS hurts- even if for a while. Specially for me, because I’m most definitely a lover and not a fighter! So if someone here wants to know me better- what better way than me just telling them? Here goes:

I am a Leo/Virgo cusp- due to this anomaly of my birth-date falling in between two constellations, three things happen.

  • I can never buy anything with my sun-sign on it.
  • I can never get a sun-sign tattoo
  • I have qualities of both Virgos and Leos.
    • I am organized and methodological (My bed and desk will be clean)- But my closet is a mess most of the times, thanks to the Leo laziness.
    • I love making lists (which is pretty evident here)- but I don’t really stick to them.
    • I am calm, collected and patient- till someone tests that patience and then I burst out all lioness style.
    • I am tactful as well as stubborn
    • I love to make people smile (the Leo warmth)
    • One thing that is common to both the sun-signs and I feel I have it in double doses- I am fiercely Loyal (Hufflepuff pride, y’all!)

The above is just a little snapshot of me. Like a Polaroid photo, I am still developing though- and this MBA is fanning the picture.

This past week, I did something that I hadn’t done in a long while! I made a short film. Last time I did something like that was in Undergrad film-making class. You can watch The Video here if you want-  but let me warn you, I am sans makeup and I probably should have washed my hair before filming, but hey, it was one of the many assignments I had to do that week, so I let the lazy Leo side win over the perfectionist Virgo side. This was the final project for our Decision Making class where we had to illustrate what we learned in class in a creative way with our group. I had fun filming with the guys and also brushing up on my very basic editing skills.

I went on a couple of roomie dates with A. One day we walked 3.5 KMs to the mall Vivo City. The walk was the burn the calories from the Tiger, but also because I was really craving Subway. So we awarded ourselves with sub, cookie and coffee. Speaking of coffee,a few days later we went to Starbucks (Yay!) I so miss having proper coffee! The only coffee we get at the cafe in the college is the Vietnamese one- it is black coffee with condensed milk. It is watery and super sweet. Does wonders to keep me awake in class with the caffeine and the sugar rush that I get, but I miss the froth and the bitterness. I also had the yummiest chicken pot pie. Even though I burned the entire roof of my mouth with the hot pie filling, I enjoyed it to no end.

Oh one thing (among a few others) about the college cafe that is awesome is, The Waffles. I’m sure most of you will agree- I do have this tradition of splitting one with D whenever I have it. I absolutely cannot have a full waffle due to the extreme sugar content, but YUM! the hot, crunchiness on the outside and the warm chocolaty gooeyness on the inside— I get speechless.

On that sweet note, I have special mentions today- I have been told that this blog is much awaited every week by two amazing women whom I have had a pleasure of sharing some food, conversation and music with. S and G (You know who you are!) You both are brilliant! I so wish you both were in the GMBA batch instead of MGB! We have to have a girls night together along with all the other beautiful MGB girls! ❤

Oh- On Saturday we had a Global Learning activity- we went to an inspiring place called ‘Dignity Kitchen‘. It is one of many Hawker Centers in Singapore, but the twist that this one has is special and humbling. Everyone who works at this Hawker Center is differently-able (mentally or physically). The man who started it all has been doing this absolutely awe inspiring work of training these people and helping them integrate into the working society. The food was delicious, the atmosphere warm and inviting. It was super touching and even though we all were a little angry at having to wake up early on a Saturday when we started from the college, we all were definitely extrenely happy that we went and saw such a different side of the metropolitan and modern Singapore. Made me realize- I may lose friends, I may have set backs, maths will always frustrate me and I will feel useless and dumb at times, but I am still one of the lucky ones. I am healthy, I have the power in me to be happy, I have a very strong support system in my family and friends and I am in control of my own life.


Now I just hope I remember this forever.



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