A Colourful Afternoon.

Last week’s report comes three days too late and that is because I spent the last weekend studying for the Marketing Exam that was this Monday (More about that later). You must have read about me avoiding studying like the plague and doing everything I could in my power to delay it as much as possible- it was all true!

Let’s go back a little because we didn’t really talk about the 5 days that came before the weekend though. Monday was Holi! First festival of the year that I was celebrating away from home. Thankfully my sister went home so my parents didn’t have to miss the both of us at the same time. She had blast with Vodka paani puris and colors and her friends and of course Tintin. I, on the other hand, forgot to have breakfast and as a result had a dizzy spell in class. Hypoglycemia or Hypotension or both. Who knows… what helped though was my lovely friend D ❤ awesome roommates- A & A ❤ Thank you for the TLC girls! Kisses!

The other thing that helped was of course, Holi. There was dancing and colours and a lot of frolic, as is expected out of the festival of colours. All the non-Indians joined in on the fun and it was a total ‘Rang Barse’ kind of afternoon. We were told it will be a ‘Dry Holi’ so there was no water to play with. But no one said anything about the Juice and the Ice! 😀


Holi Hai!

So after all the dancing and running around, everyone obviously wanted to wash away the colour, sweat and juice- so the bathrooms were full to capacity. While we ‘patiently’ waited outside (your’s truly might have ‘requested’ people to come out fast.) we heard the screams of girls- why you ask? Nothing sinister- the water stopped. So there were girls outside the bathroom with gulaal dripping off them and there were girls in the showers, with shampoo in their hair- while the entire building had run out of water.

It was kind of hilarious. It took around an hour for the problem to be fixed while people like me- not too  grimy and pink- used wet wipes to clean up our faces at least. Most people were too far gone and so the next day you could see some still-pink faces in the class that the teacher conveniently ignored. The usual gig that goes on for a few days after Holi every year.

I know there will be more festivals coming and I will be here, with all the new people I have met here (Can you call the people you met 2 months and 22 days ago new?) . Some have already become like family and some I’m still getting to know. There are so many different personality types. We have a lot of alpha males. That can be expected as we all are potentially future CEOs. The small number of women are strong, smart, independent and just over all amazing. A few of them are mothers and still they here. Studying, making the most of their lives and I feel that they are the ones who deserve the most kudos. They are the true Alphas.


Who Run the World? Well of course we do! #LadyPresident #GirlsBiteBack

On that note, A and I had a girls night on Friday. We had conversations about life, love, goals and family over Tiger. The wind was awesome and the night was overall a very enjoyable one- swear to do it again A?

I have got mosquito bites all over my feet, the weather is mostly rainy and humid, the ants are crazy and a lot of it just plain sucks.. but I realized a few days ago that I have a month left in Singapore and believe it or not… I’m going to miss it a lot.


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