Things I do when I absolutely have to study

I am doing everything but studying right now. I have the Marketing Management final exam tomorrow and since the morning I have:

  • made my bed properly
  • cleaned my table
  • given myself a facial
  • made soup for lunch
  • taken a nap after having the soup for lunch
  • done bhangra in the pantry with D and A ❤
  • put on lip balm a gazillion times
  • made 10 different hair styles
  • had deep conversations about life, the universe and everything
  • YouTube videos… need I say more
  • Facebooked
  • had ten gallons of water
  • had to fill my water bottle a million times
  • had to answer the nature’s call a million and one times
  • decided that I need to have chai ever so often to help me concentrate
  • taken mini strolls around my room
  • stared out of window at the people who are enjoying their Sunday instead of being cooped up like me.
  • opened and closed the Netflix tab multiple times.
  • checked the time and given myself a deadline to finish the chapter I’m reading multiple times
  • realized that meeting the deadline is not possible
  • given up on the deadline
  • done surya namaskar 15 times because I thought maybe Yoga will center me and help me focus.
  • listened to “I want to break free” 12 times.
  • stared at myself in the mirror till I couldn’t recognize myself
  • basically become the definition of procrastination.
  • written this blog post
  • oh and I occasionally studied between doing the very important things listed above.



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