Sunburned noses and salty hair

I feel like I’m living in the Bigg-Boss house (Or Big Brother, depending on the part of the world you are from). Here are some reasons why-

  • Everyone is together 24/7
  • Every little piece of news spreads like the smell of freshly popped corn. It’s like you drop a pen, and the most random person will come to you in five minutes commenting about how funny it was when you dropped it… and they weren’t even there to witness it!
  • Because of the above point, the Chinese whisper game is strong. Things are twisted way out of proportion.
  • People get frustrated and annoyed and burst out when least expected.
  • We dress up in the morning, just to go to class and then after 4 hours, get back into our pajamas.
  • Everyone loves taking walks.
  • We have to cook ourselves meals with very limited supplies.
  • There are cameras everywhere… I mean literally everywhere!
  • Our day starts with music in the bathroom where someone or the other is always playing songs.
  • Cliques have formed.
  • We have ‘guests’ come in every once in a while in the form of speakers.
  • We have weekly meetings with the dean who wants to know about the progress and discuss if there are any issues (read Salman Khan)
  • We sometimes have a random dinner party for some occasion (the last one was the alumni mixer that happened this week.)
  • We are forced to team up and perform tasks (SBRs).
  • The security lady keeps a watchful eye on us through the cameras- one could say she is the ‘Bigg’ Boss of this facility!

Well… the week that went by was pretty standard. I progressively scored less marks in each of my marketing quizzes. Overall did well though so no complaints. Now have to focus on the final exam for marketing that is happening next Monday. I got C as a final grade in Statistics. I was expecting a C-, so that was some unexpectedly good news (Oh how the mighty have fallen! I’m celebrating a C!!).

This was a long weekend though, because our courses ended on Thursday and hence no classes on Friday- yay! We had been making plans for this weekend for a while now. We started off from going to the Island of Bintam (Indonesia) and as such plans go, it didn’t come to any fruition. After much deliberation, we decided to not really tax our already overused brains any further and just joined the Global Learning Committee on a trip to the Islands of Kusu and Saint John. No new country was stamped on my passport, but it was a Saturday well spent.  The water was cool, the sun was hot and the breeze was just perfect.

We went shopping for clothes on Friday because, of course, we are women and women just need an excuse to shop, which in this case was a beach trip for which we had absolutely ‘nothing’ to wear. I did end up wearing something that I did have already though- but I wouldn’t say that the shopping trip was a waste. I bought a t-shirt that says ‘Lady President’.

Back to the Islands- We took a ferry from the Marina into St. John’s Island first. It was picturesque with it’s blue water, gold sand and green palm trees dotting the area. I initially thought it was an island that I could gladly get stranded on- but I quickly realized the error of my ways when I found out that there was no restaurant or shop or even a vending machine (i.e. no food or water). Starving and parched, we waited for the ferry to take us to the next island, but we missed the one at 1:50pm. The next one was in… wait for it… TWO HOURS!!!

We were ready to jump into the ocean and swim to Kusu Island. Lin, one of our batch-mates, came to our rescue though. With his insane survival skills, he found us fresh passion fruits and sugar canes. So there we were, on an island, going back to the basics. Chewing on sugar canes and slurping up the refreshing, tangy passion fruits like they were tequila shots. He was our guardian angel. Thank you so much for not letting us pass out from hunger and thirst Lin- If any of you MGBs is reading it, let Lin know! 🙂

Kusu Island didn’t do much for us food wise as well. We did get some soft-drinks there though, which was a relief. We apparently were too late, thanks to missing the ferry, and missed out on some alleged fried rice. I don’t know whether it is the truth or not though because I couldn’t see a grain of rice anywhere on that island when I reached. Maybe all the tortoises ate it, there was a pit full of them there (Kusu means Tortoise in the local language). Kusu Island does have a gorgeous temple on it though, along with the tortoises. It’s a place of worship for the God prosperity and I did say a small prayer for the god to help me control the rate at which my money disappears here in Singapore.

We finally returned home with Rudolph like red noses and sea salt all over our legs and hair. We were famished but happy because we had finally gotten out of the monotonous routine that our life has become in the B-School, if even for one day.

Here are some mementos from this trip to the Islands of Saint John and Kusu. I hope we have more days like this in the future and all of you people who didn’t come for this trip can join us for the next one.


Happy Holi to everyone! I hope your day is colorful and bright! ❤ XOXO



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