2 Weeks worth of B-School experience, 1 Blog post.

I have two weeks worth of B-School shenanigans to report as unfortunately, the last week kind of got away from me and I didn’t have the time or the will to write. The week had begun on a high note with us going on a ‘City Tour’. It would have been much better if this particular global learning activity had happened weeks ago, because.. as established previously- Singapore is extremely small. Wherever you go, you have to cross the entire city so every drive essentially looks the same. The City Tour, hence, was not something that was required two months after being in the city. It did include a beautiful bridge though, and what an amazing view. Believe it or not- it was a brighter, better version of the Manhattan skyline.


The roomies on the beautiful bridge with the awe inspiring (though cropped) skyline in the background.

After going to Chinatown and such for what seemed like the millionth time, it was a good change of pace to see something new. My love affair with all the bridges of the world continues (Ex-bridges include the Millennium Bridge in Newcastle, the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, The Tower Bridge in London, The Charles Bridge in Prague, The Pont de l’Archeveche in Paris with the love locks and the little dainty bridges in the city center of Dublin).


Marina Bay Sands in the background of the Selfie-in-Progress. What a marvelous feat of architecture! 

The rest of the week progressed as usual with studies and quizzes.

Oh we did have an industry visit to the office of Thomson Reuters. Now you must be wondering why MBA students will be taken to a News Agency- well because we were taken to experience the cutting edge research work that the Lab of Reuters is doing. You can know more about it here. It was mind boggling how much data is out there in the world and how geniuses deal with it. A lot of people got very excited about the prospects of data mining in the future. I understood some of what was happening. Not as much as the engineers did, but enough to know that the future is online, it is global and it is all public. Privacy is a dying concept.


On our way to Reuters, Definitely listening to our fave tune at the moment- ‘Shape of you‘ by Ed Sheeran.

The week ended on a low note because  we had an exam on Monday and so the weekend was spent studying. It paid off though- 82% in Financial Accounting!! Who would have thought! I’m so proud of myself right now. I am starting to feel my left brain stirring and stretching just before waking up. It has been dormant for all these years while my right brain took over all the intellectual functions. Numbers are slowly starting to make sense… slowly. I can’t take all the credit though. A friend worked hard and tutored us. Thank you dude! ❤

Oh also Marketing classes finally started- thank God. Something that I can finally get a hang of without struggling. It’s theories and concepts. It doesn’t require me to crunch numbers. I can use the brain powers that I am accustomed to- learning, creating, thinking. These classes are going hand in hand with Data Modeling and Optimization classes though. That subject I don’t know if I like yet. It is extremely interesting but it has graphs and numbers- so I’m essentially struggling with the blasphemous fact that I might be liking something quantitative. Hmmmm…. More comments on that later.

The best thing that happened  in all my time here is that two of my closest friends became a little more than just friends to each other. Not to sound cheesy or anything, but the wide smiles and the stolen glances (who do they think they are kidding) are adorable to witness…  at least for now (don’t get anoying you guys)! Feels like we are back in high school where we tease and laugh and enjoy with the people who’s relationship is just blossoming. I hope its a happily ever after for these two- cheers to more laughter, and blushes and the cheeky remarks! ❤ you guys!

Two months left in this beautiful city of Singapore. I wish I can come back and stay here for longer, even though I know right now it is more the people who I’m with than the city.

I miss my dog more than ever. Six more months before I can cuddle with him. 😦

Tonight I’m missing an awesome beach party as well as a silent disco. I have been reminded that the assignment that I have to submit tomorrow is not what I will remember 1o years down the line. Both the parties were being sold to me  by different friends, but what can I say, even though I really really wanted to go, I have a submission tomorrow! I’m here to study along with making awesome memories. Today studies are kind of getting in the way, but there is always another evening, another weekend, another party! The late night dance breaks in the room is a memory that is going to be with me for life though- don’t worry peeps!




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