Global Learning Galore Week!

I finally felt human after weeks of slogging over books like a nerdy machine because this past week brought with it a lot of ‘Global Learning’. That is what we call extra curricular activities that the college organizes for us and this week we had two in a row.

We went to the Parliament of Singapore. Yes, the actual Parliament Building. I have never even been to my own Parliament Building in India! I don’t even know if I will be allowed, specially being as close as we were to the place where the actual parliament sessions take place in Singapore. Obviously phones were not allowed inside so we couldn’t take any photos in there but we did sit in the gallery and could imagine what an active parliament session would look like. Our guide was pretty funny and joked about how the girls shouldn’t come dressed in short dresses and sit in the galleries for if they did, no bills would be passed that day.

My feet were complaining about the fact that I had to walk that much in my roomie’s stilettos,   which were a tad big for me but it was a wonderful experience to see such an important part of a country’s government up close. I wish India was as transparent.


Outside the Parliament of Singapore.

Oh I forgot- the day before that I had gone for a talk about starting your own online business, well at least that’s what I thought it was when I was signing up for it. Turns out it was just a sales presentation about a course that you had to pay $997 for. What a waste of energy and formal clothes that was. The only good thing that came out of it was that the talk was on Orchard Road where I found the Victoria’s Secret store and bought the perfume that I needed.

This past Saturday though… Best day in Singapore yet. Our entire class went to Universal Studios! Yay! It was so much fun, specially taking my scaredy cat friends on the rides. I also pet a baby Dinosaur-albeit an animatronic one. It nuzzled it’s head in my hand so adorably!


The baby dinosaur! awwwww!

It was a usual Universal Studios day- lot’s of walking, very little eating and standing in long lines for two minute rides. It’s all worth it for the adrenaline rush of being thrown about in the roller-coaster that not only twists and turns but also makes you upside down. Oh what a thrill! It was one of the days for the memory bank- which includes the hanging out at ARC and the nights at Pasir!

Sunday was spent in spending all the money I had. I went clothes shopping and I don’t know whether to be happy or sad about it!

It was a relaxed week and a wonderful weekend after a long time. We had no quiz/exam on Monday, which is rare. I did end up with a massive migraine after Universal, but it was so worth it being able to just enjoy myself without the guilt of not studying. The guilt I’m feeling right now because I do have a quiz in the Economics lecture tomorrow and I don’t even know where to start studying. That is the life of an MBA Student for you. Full enjoyment one day and pulling your hair out the next.

Well… This week has just begun and we have already had another Global Learning Activity. Need some material for next week so Adios for now! I have to get back to the numericals.

This week I’m grateful for all the new friends that I have made here! Cheers to you guys! ❤  for the laughs, the music, the talks and for the silly nicknames.


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