O Dia do Amor

I’m late in posting my thoughts about the past week at the B-School. You can thank Statistics final exam for that. Every weekend I think, “It can’t get any worse than this.” Every Monday, I am proven wrong. The week that passed was the worst of them all. We had constant SBRs, by constant I mean- DAILY! Being CEO of your group is no joke. I was tired and irritated, plus we had a huge reflective paper to submit and only had 6 days to research and write. Not only that, we also had that horrifying Stats final this Monday, so all in all, I was stuck to my computer for most of my waking hours.

Sleep has become a luxury only a few can afford. Even on the day the class was starting late, we had to get up super early because we had an appointment to get our Biometrics done for the Australian student visa. So we worked till late on our papers, had an hour of sleep, showered and got on the bus that took us to Cecil Street, where the VFS office is. It was funny because our friend Cecil was with us, so you can imagine the number of photos we forced him to take under the street signs!

The rest of the week had its usual flavour- Bland and unpalatable, except for the fact that the mess food messed up with my digestive system big time. 😦  So I had too much to do with too little time, and a lot of it was being spent (excuse me for being crude) in the lavatory.

Happy things that happened since I last wrote- Counting the blessings here.

  • I passed the statistics exam, just barely, but still.
  • The moon was big, round and bright
  • The wind was super amazing
  • Two of my friends who were fighting made up. ❤
  • I got my nails done after ages!! Feel more like myself now… sparkle and shine!


  • I finally got an adapter that works with the skewed plug points in class.
  • I’m kind of understanding Microeconomics. With Macro, I was floating on top of the subject without getting the depth of it. My brain couldn’t comprehend it.
  • I finished the paper that we had to write, before time.
  • I bought myself a new perfume.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all! It’s the day of love, and who are we all without it. Love makes everything better, and I want to send out best wishes and lots of love to all of you out there. Hugs and kisses. Keep hanging in there- like I am.

I hope this week is more exciting than the last one.



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