Ringing the Bell of Happiness

Oh the week that was… It was a tough one- It had all the drama of a soap opera with the boring bits of lectures mixed in. It was One Tree Hill in real life. There were sports, A walk in the rain and Ice-cream and injuries. It also had a happiness bell and good wishes for all.

Let me start at the beginning. The week brought with it it’s usual amount of quizzes. Some were amazing, some were disappointing. It also included the usual amount of sleepless hours and hours of slogging away in front of the computer, bashing your head in when the entire Boardroom in the “Student Board Room” has no idea how to interpret an ANOVA in excel. Different boardrooms were intermingling and collaborating but when everyone is as clueless as we all were, it just ends in panic and chaos.

For the first time in my life I had some trouble understanding studies (well except for mathematics of course. I will never understand that.) It’s not a nice feeling when you start feeling lost in class and you know there is no coaching after school to help you figure out what the Teacher couldn’t help you understand. I think the problem in the class was that the professor assumed, or thought we had the basic knowledge of Statistics. Well most of us do because we just completed a statistics course two weeks ago (Who’s final exam is coming up on the 13th!! EEEEEEEEEEKKKK!!!!) but the statistics that this new professor was teaching, most of us hadn’t even heard of- so as he was talking about all the greek alphabets (alpha and beta etc.), we were left wondering what they even stood for, literally. It felt like diving into the deep sea without oxygen.

To top it all off, we were supposed to use what we ‘learnt’ in class in our group studies, i.e the Student Board Rooms where we are given one case and two hours to analyze it. Most days we meet before the stipulated time, but one of these days we had a mandatory visit to the Urban Redevelopment Authority building. The bus ride there was fun. We didn’t have earphones so my friend and I decided to be inconsiderate and listen to music without them. Once we reached we spent 3 hours wandering the museum like building listening to the guide talk about the history of Singapore and how it converted from a small dirty fishing community to the flourishing country it is now with it’s beautiful buildings and green parks. It was all well and good- till we came back all tired and sleepy and then had to start with the very difficult SBR (read the details above) that none of us know how to solve.

So here I am again at the library- trying to study statistics for the exam on 13th because from tomorrow, we have the SBRs everyday. It is going to be grueling and time consuming. More heads will be banging against walls and more panic attacks will happen. All this us supposed to prepare us for real life though… so I guess it makes it all OK?

One good thing that came out of this week was the hike I took with my roomie up to Faber Peak. I usually walk after dark just to calm the nerves down after a long day (remember the wooden bridge? It is halfway to the peak.) This time there was light and we could see everything around us, the view was spectacular even though we were sweating like pigs eating chillies, it was so so worth it. On the top there were rainbow colored steps which let to rainbow colored walkway which lead to the Bell of Happiness. Constructed in 1909 this century old bell served on board a legendary Polish ship “Dar Pomorza”. After ringing on the ship for 80 years, it was gifted to Sentosa and it’s journey finally ended where we rang it, at Faber Peak. It had a heavy gong sound that reverbs in your stomach.


The bells full of wishes and messages. 

It was not just that, there were many tiny little bells that hung from the railing with wishes written all over them. Who were we to deny the power of a good wish, so we got our own little bells and wrote our own little wishes on them. I hope when I go back up, I can still find mine in the jumble of the countless ones there.


I wished for Health and Happiness for my Family, Friends and Myself.

So there we sat, my roomie and I, watching the ropeway trollies drifting to and from the  island of Sentosa. We splurged on Ice-cream and watched the sky go dark as all the lights turned on and very soon it started to rain. So then we started our journey home, singing “Pyaar Hua, Iqraar Hua hai”  at the top of our voices. The rain washing away the stresses of the week. It was such a beautiful feeling- just contentment and relaxation. It lasted till I slipped and fell on the metal bridge that leads to the wooden bridge- because well- there was water and it is me- the most distracted person ever. Only if I could count the number of times I have fallen down because I was just too busy noticing everything other than where my foot was falling. No serious injuries, just some cuts and bruises on the knees- If I survived a month in Business School, I can survive a silly fall!

Today there also was inter collegiate olympics organized by Nanyang Technological Univeristy. I didn’t participate on account of being horrible at sports but so many of my friends won medals. I’m so proud and happy for them and of course our college. 🙂

That concludes the detailed description of the summary I gave on top. Well- another week is about to start in a few hours. I hope my little bell on top of the Faber Peak works and I can keep my sanity, health and happiness. Officially taking it one week at a time.


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