The Rooster is here!

This week at B-School came with a melange of feelings. There was confusion, unhappiness, surprise as well as joy.

We started with two new subjects- Accounting and Research Methodology. Oh the horror! Accounting was surprisingly not too bad. I think the subconscious keeps what you study almost a decade ago somewhat intact in the rivets of the mind. I was shocked to catch myself actually enjoying the lectures.

Research Methodology on the other hand… oh lord. It wasn’t all that bad, it’s just that somehow, I ended up to be one of the very few people who were paying attention to what the professor was teaching. I really don’t know how or why that happened. I had a doubt, which I asked the professor and it turned out that his point in the slide was wrong! I got an applause, yes you heard me right, it was an actual applause from the class. I wasn’t even trying to point out a mistake… I just had a doubt. *head shake*.

Moving on, It was the Chinese New Year so we had big plans to go out and celebrate. All of which somehow slowly crumbled. We ended up at a McDonalds at the extremely crowded Chinatown. The lights were good. The Rooster was displayed in all its glory. If you were born in 1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005 or well… this year, Congratulations! This one belongs to you. You get to strut about till next year it’s the chance for the ‘Dogs’ to celebrate their time.



The giant Rooster ushering us into Chinatown.

We got three days off which was such a relief. After almost a week of not getting enough sleep, the sweet comfort of the bed at 10:30am felt like heaven. There was no pressure and no alarms, the tests for that week were over and the ones happening in the future were days away. Well now they are just one day away so 😦

It has been a productive long weekend till now:

  • I met some old school friends whom I had last met in 2008, when I had graduated high school
  • I did my laundry
  • I kind of cleaned my table
  • I went on a hike up Mount Faber
  • I slept
  • I filled my Australian Visa form (Which was a task because I had to add the in and out dates of every country I have visited in the past 10 years. OH MY GOD! I spent 3 hours just finding correct stamps! I wish immigration officers- God Bless them- would stamp passports in some sort of order. It was all gobbledygook!)
  • I had some pretty awesome discussions with my group for a research method project we have to do together.

I’m just back from that hike to Mount Faber. My roomie and I decided to ditch studying for a while and do something for our peace of mind. We started the walk at 7:00PM (The sun doesn’t set here too early). We walked and talked till an insect flew into my eye *face palm*. Now anyone who wears contacts will know just how annoying and painful even a speck of dirt is to the eye. This stupid insect could find no other eye to fly into! I washed it out the best I could without losing the contact but to no avail. I braved it through and carried on, because I really wanted to see this wooden bridge that everyone was talking about. Oh it was so worth it!


I know the image is a little dark, but it was a ‘you-should-have-been-there’ kind of view!

We couldn’t go right up to the top of the peak because it got dark and we realized that we couldn’t avoid studies forever, so with the wind in our hair and a bounce in our step we quickly came downhill. (The bloody insect was still in my eye. Thankfully it is out now.)

Singapore is the perfect amalgamation of nature and skyscrapers. I personally cannot deal with too much nature around me for too long. I need civilization to be happy and as such Singapore is checking off all the boxes.

Now have to get back to studies because well… you can ignore something but that doesn’t mean it’s not there. The tests are looming at a distance like the white walkers- just have to armor up and face them head on.

Adios for now!


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