My brain is aching from all the information overload.

Don’t  laugh! It’s the truth.

What is the Multiplier Effect? How is it related to the Marginal Propensity to Save?

How do you derive the GDP from the National Income?

What is the Negative GDP Gap?

What causes the short-run tradeoff between rate of inflation and rate of unemployment?


Oh.. and the graphs… all the movements of the graphs. This is the definition of ‘Too Much Information.’

Today is Saturday. It is 12:18 AM, oh wait… so now it’s actually Sunday. I am sitting in the library and it is jam packed. Why, you ask? Well, because we have an exam on Monday. An exam in which questions from 14 chapters will be asked. 14 chapters that the professor completed in 9 days of class, i.e. in 18 hours. These are real world macro economics principles. It effects us all and we know almost nothing about it. At least I didn’t

I am done with seven chapters and left with six. I have a few waking hours today before I am ready to pass out and I intend to finish at least two more. All the 10 minute quizzes have built up to this climactic 180 minute behemoth that I have to tackle on Monday.

At least the past Thursday was good. My friends and I decided to not touch the books for one evening and just do something fun. So off we went.. walking in the sultry humidity, trying to find the beautiful Labrador Park (automatically missing my dog because of the name of the park). Various classmates had posted photos of the pier that went into the sea. It looked so inviting that we had to go just then.


Photo taken from the Internet. It was too dark for us to take a good photo ourselves. But you can see why we wanted to go here.

We started from the college way after sunset and then tried to find our way. A taxi driver was kind enough to point it out to us. The path was lovely dark and deep and we definitely had miles to go before we reached. The miles that were interrupted by the few un-scared peeps making us scaredy cats scream by screaming ‘Boo’ in our ears. Hmph. As I said… it was a dark unlit path going through a nature reserve so please don’t judge me for jumping out of my skin at the sound of a ‘boo’. Scary nature sounds were surrounding us as we looked for some sort of light at the end of the wooded tunnel.

Finally there it was, the sign that said ‘Labrador Park’. We heard the water before we saw it. My friend walking ahead, she was definitely feeling the gravitational pull that waterbodies have. I know I felt it. The others behind us were joking that the forest spirits had possessed her. It was a gorgeous sight.. definitely worth the scary road that lead up to it.

The long walk and the laughs were all that we needed as a stress buster before the long weekend began. The weekend that I am experiencing now. This economics filled weekend. Well, we find the little joys when we can. Like yesterday night when we basically hijacked the library and ran everyone else off with our silent shenanigans (it is a library after all, so we could not be loud). I’m deeply sorry for our silly behaviour, o’ people who went away! Economics was filling our brains and making common sense leave.

Well.. we get by with a little help from our friends and this is it from Week 3 at Business School.

Wish me luck for my exam!



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