Everyone here is so smart.

Week two of Business school is coming to a close in a few hours. This was a tough one and the course has just started. We have tests on every 3rd day where in 10 minutes we are supposed to answer 10 multiple choice questions. Sounds easy? Think again.When you have to do statistical numerical problems and are as mathematically challenged as I am, 10 minutes go by in a blink and I am left sitting there wondering how my life amounted to this.

Don’t get me wrong, classes are amazing and informative. There is so much to learn and so little time to take it all in. It’s not just the classes but also the other students here-Everyone is so intelligent, experienced and well informed that feeling inadequate doesn’t take very long. Pair that with the results of the 10 minute quizzes, and you very well may just roll up into a ball and cry ( I’m not even factoring in the missing-your-dog part right now.)

I’m as human as anyone else and so the fear of being inept creeps up quite often but I’ve got an awesome defense against it… music! I don’t think I’m alone in this journey that my mind takes. The walls of my dorm room are paper thin, I can hear the music playing in the other rooms. When I’m brushing my teeth I can hear it from the showers and When I’m sitting and studying I can hear it through the earphones of people. Everyone is smart and everyone thinks the other people are smarter, faster, better… whatever. Music is the patronus against the soul sucking dementor of self doubt and home sickness. It transports you away and connects you to kindred spirits in some parallel universe that has notes and melody in the air.

Ok that got real heavy real quick… so other than that, this Saturday was fun. We all had to do an ‘Amazing Race’ which involved us running around different parts of the city, following clues and taking pictures. I walked 16,347 steps in the 4 hours that were stipulated for our traipsing and it was an enriching experience albeit the exhaustion that followed. I not only learnt a lot about the culture here but also got to connect with my comrades and do some team building and leading. The sluggish humidity monster tried to curb my enthusiasm every step of the way but the wanderer bug in my brain got the better of it (unlike my face which was sticky and shining like a beacon by the end of it all). We experienced Chinatown with all our senses and we gawked at the Singapore National Library which was OH.SO.AWESOME. We ran around trying to find a particular group mini fountains and of course found the wrong one where we had a mini water fight (maybe that helped with the humidity monster a little too).


Team C1- Amazing Race Singapore (We didn’t win but still had fun!)

As someone who hasn’t scored poor marks in her entire life, getting a 4/10 is pretty scandalous (I could only attempt 5 questions before the dreaded 10 minutes were up). The feeling that you can’t really do something that you have gotten yourself into messes with  your head pretty hard but then there is bonding, sharing, music, long walks and good food that readily gets you out of the funk.

Everyone here is so smart but because I’m a unit of everyone, I have to believe that maybe I’m smart too. 🙂


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