Things I want to achieve and get in my lifetime- circa 2007

Just yesterday I was rummaging through the dusty boxes of stuff my mummy cleared out of an old cupboard that had been untouched in years. While sorting though this said stuff, I found some old diaries of mine. Reading though all the teenage angst and things that were a lot of importance at the time was journey that I took. 

One thing that leapt out though was the list of things I wanted to achieve when I was 17 years old. Surprisingly, they haven’t changed a lot and I did end up achieving a lot of them. Here’s the list straight from my secret diary.

18th September 2007

Things I want to achieve and to get in my Lifetime

  • To get good marks in my boards.
  • To get into a good college and study English and score good there.
  • To get a job so that I become independent. 
  • To keep my parents happy.
  • To one day marry, have a good life and be happy like I’ve never been before.
  • To get 3 dogs.
  • To laugh and smile always.
  • To fall in love.
  • To write a book.
  • To make up with my best friend. (To explain- I had gotten into a huge fight with her and it lasted years. Well check mark to this point!)
  • To continue singing and pleasing my heart.
  • To make my parents proud.
  • To have faith in myself.
  • To not be a burden for anyone.
  • To continue writing in any form and not compromise on my dreams.
  • To not pretend to be happy when I’m actually sad.
  • To be stronger- physically and mentally.
  • To always stand up for my siblings and try to make them achieve their desires.
  • To try to give back to my parents some of what they have given me.
  • To learn how to play the guitar.
  • To learn how to drive.
  • Be healthier and not fall sick as often as I do.
  • To be a good daughter, sister, friend and woman. 

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