The Pain

The pain
The searing, blinding pain
That stubborn pain that won’t leave
Pain that’s spreading more pain
How to heal it? How to destroy it?
Some say inducing a different pain will cut through it.
Some say don’t eat.
Some say just live with it.
Oh the age old pain, that I do live with everyday
Smiling through it, cheering others on
Watching them overcome it so easily.
The pain is ugly and destructive, but it clings to me
It worries my kin, it troubles my kith.
Seeing their pain because of mine, I cry and I scream
I lash out and I attack it, but it doesn’t budge
The pain is frustrating and the pain is grotesque
I know I’m not the only one suffering with it but I’m alone in the fight
The fight that makes me sadder than the pain ever did
The pain that defines me
The pain that overrules all that I truly am
The pain
The horrible excruciating pain.


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