The Beast and the Plans

Beauty and the Beast (TV Show)

She lay on her bed, her heart palpitating every time thunder called out. There is nothing to be afraid of, she knows that, but she can’t help it. She misses his warmth around her but she is a feminist so she isn’t going to admit it even to herself.

Women don’t need men to survive happily.

But then it’s nice when men put their arms around you and suddenly you feel like you belong right there, to them.

Shaking the thoughts out of her head she smiles. She’s fine; she has a plan that she has to follow. She is raring to face the world. But then at nights why does this tiny voice call out to her? “You miss him, you need him, you love him, call him.” She  has always ignored the voice successfully and wrapped her arms around herself. She has her books and her TV shows to keep her company. She also suspects them to be the cause of the voice. every day looking at damaged men with issues being taken care of by beautiful women.

A man has no place in her plans for herself right now. Especially the man she’s missing – The beast, the scoundrel, the devilish angel. She wants to be ravaged by him– but she has plans.

And those always came first.


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