A dream come true!

When I was in the 6th grade  I decided that I loved the Backstreet boys. Their music spoke to me. It was with me through friendship, love, fights, happiness and disappointments. It was their lyrics and their tunes that lifted me up and made the viewpoint towards so many things that I have, now. So as soon as I came to the UK, the first thing I checked was if they were going to perform here. And as luck would have it, they were! For the NKOTBSB tour! Even if it was half backstreet, it was there, live, and now here I am, sitting in the Metro Radio Arena, in my tour t-shirt ,that is more expensive than it should be, and what I feel is something that it so hard to describe. It is similar to what I feel when I complete a story, when my parents look at me with pride and when I see the love that my friend has for me. People will laugh at me for still being a fan of BSB. I say it without an iota of shame that yes I am a fan. I don’t care if you think they are gay, I don’t care if you think their music is shit. I love Pop music and BSB is my favourite band. It always will be. And the hundreds of people surrounding me agree. They know what I feel, they will not laugh at the tears that are threatening to spill right now. The lights are going down, the stage is lighting up… I can’t breathe…The deep throbbing bass of the drum synchronises with my beating heart. If This is what dream come true feels like, I’m ready to drown in it!

2 thoughts on “A dream come true!

  1. oh wow!!! every thing you wrote i know i would feel it if i was there! i agree with every sentence of yours! reading it has brought a tear in my eye! so you can imagine if i ever see them live what will happen!!!

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