The Connection

Why are some people more important than others? Taking family out of the equation, I think it is a very weird phenomenon the way we connect to some people and simply cannot with others no matter how hard we try. I have friends who have been there for ages now, but i’m not really in touch with them. Still if I meet them it would be like we never stopped talking. There is another friend that I have who I just met 3 months ago and have gotten so close to that i’m sure we will  be in touch for a very long time, if not for life. There are people who I met and studied with, they were fun to hang out with but that’s that. And then there is a relationship that I have with this one friend, which I cannot explain. We both know we can do anything for each other, we care just a tad too much about each other and we fight like arch enemies. After one great fight which lasted for 3 years during which we hardly ever communicated, it finally got over. I thought I had lost her forever but in my heart I knew that this can’t be it. This weird relationship I have no name for. I don’t know if anyone else has it with any one else.

If i have to say I will say from all my heart that she is the most important friend to me. I don’t have a reason to say it, but that’s how I feel. So some may argue that the importance of people in life depends on the affect they have on you, how much their presence matters. She was completely absent for these many years and yet the importance did not diminish. Some say it depends on how much they care for you and your feelings. I was hurt by her words and she by mine, there was no communication to resolve it too.

I can say is that both of us have strong minds and strong wills. We are complete opposites of each other but so alike that it gets scary. Even after all the years apart when we finally talked it was like our minds were working at the same speed. We call it our ESP and I don’t share it with anyone else. I cannot explain this etherial connection that I have with her, a connection that cannot be severed no matter how hard either of us try, if we try.

So all I can say is I know why I care about (or don’t care about) everyone I have in my life, but this one friend of mine, who I have so many memories with that it is hard to even remember and who I have had more fights with any one else stands out like a beacon of light. All I know is that if I need someone to take care of me, she will do it without a whimper and if I do something wrong she will smack me on the back of my head without a thought. I can’t imagine my life without her and even if I never talk to her or I make very very good friends, I know she will still be my one and only Best Friend.


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