Selfishness or Self Preservation?

We have been told that ‘God helps those who help themselves’ and ‘self help is the best help’. Well it is true. I have seen and experienced that the only one you can really and truly count on is yourself. When your trust gets broken, it is a horrible horrible feeling. I’m sure everyone must have experienced it at least once, if not then I hope you never have to. The world is selfish and people are selfish. Maybe even I am selfish. All I work for is my happiness and my family.  But then I have come across some people who harm others for their benefit. Those are the worst kind of people. Lying, scheming, two-faced. And as I grew older I saw more and more such people. I guess selfishness grows with age.

What is the difference then between selfishness and self preservation? Maybe its the same difference between Homicide and killing someone whole protecting oneself. You bear the consequences for the former. Self preservation is an animal instinct, and we are all animals. We look after our young and old, we look after our food and shelter, we look after our prizes and possessions and we look after our body and soul. Now that can’t be termed being selfish! Who in this world is truly selfless? One might say that the saints,the priests and social workers. But even they have the ultimate goal of salvation in their minds. Even they are working to attain something for themselves. Well then selflessness does not exist at all. And maybe for good. If a wholly selfless person comes strolling down the road, he will be attacked and chewed up by the others like Zombies. He will have to preserve himself. It is therefore impossible to be completely selfless!

Just to lighten the mood, here is the link to a Duet I sung with myself. 😉 Its not very good. But yes, it shows that I don’t need anyone even to sing a duet with! 😀 do comment if you enjoy it!


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