Everyday I turn on music when I am getting dressed.I just select a band or an artist and play all their videos on Vevo. Today after ages I suddenly remembered Ronan Keating. He was one of the singers in my regular  music dose, then the cassettes gave way to Mp3 players and I stopped buying music. Amongst all the technology changes, he was forgotten. I have to admit, other than the song Words, I never connected with the music of his band Boyzone. But Keating as a solo artist touched my musical soul. Today I must have heard his songs after atleast five years but I was so surprised when I realized I still knew all the lyrics! 

His voice used to serenade me to sleep through my walkman earphones and I used to giggle with excitement when he sang ‘I love it when we do all we do when we do…’ 

Well these are a few memories that Ronan Keating gave me so this is dedicated to him.


2 thoughts on “Forgotten

  1. This one is sooooooo totally amazing !!! its totally going on my playlist…i lost this song nd forgot it…its so good reliving old times …!!

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