He came to the big city with stars in his eyes

Leaving family and friends behind

He wanted to make it big

He had full faith in his ability and his mind.

But where did it lead him?

He is nothing but a rickshaw puller now.

He has a farm back home with a harvest every season

His younger brother already has two children

His plan was not this

To sweat and toil every day

And what does he gain?

Just enough money to get him his daily bread.

He can sing he can act

He can do so much more than just this

He studied in the little missionary school

He made up all these wonderful dreams

But where is he now?

Sleeping on his rickshaw every night.

He was tall and handsome

Black oiled hair and broad chest

He was the pride of the village

They said that he will go far

How is he now?

Bent back and bony frame his sunken cheeks hardly ever turning up in a smile.


He still has hopes he still has dreams

He still believes he can make it

He reads the papers every morning

He aspires for love and fame

How far will this take him?

He doesn’t know and neither does he seem to care.


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