The River Bed

When I shed a tear

Do you come to know?

When my smile fades away

To you does it even show?


Why do we have to be like this?

Why do we have to fight?

Why does it always come to this?

Why does my heart constrict tight?


The confusions in my head

Do u see?

The Sharks in my Veins

Do you feel?


The wrongs that happened

Why are they so strong?

That the rights fade away

Like the notes of a song


My life feels like stone now

All rough and grey and sharp

My eyes are like a river now

Flowing like fingers on a harp


The needle of the tattoo that is carved on my heart

Was so sharp that it’s bleeding

But it doesn’t hurt anymore the feeling is gone

The memories are wild and fleeting.


The river too will dry one day

The river bed will be seen

Made rocky and uneven by the water

But it will never lose its sheen.



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