The Original Sin

“You are a girl, give it to you brother”

This was her earliest memory as a child

She was just four how was she to know

This is how it will be all her life

Just give and give and give.

As she matured she got used to it,

She forgot she had some feelings

Like jealousy or hurt or plain simple anger

All she did was listen and provide

She just gave and gave and gave.

She gave everything she had to her parents,

To her siblings to her aunts and uncles

Even her grand parents

Then one day she was given to her husband

What else was left for her then to claim?

Have no doubts, she was also loved,

Beyond any measure by one and all

She was provided with everything she needed to grow

But when the brothers came into the picture

She felt that she had been thrown away.

Was she still being punished for the original sin?

Was this some kind of a test?

That she was not allowed to speak her mind

Did her mind even say anything anymore?

She wondered and wondered and wondered.


She had nowhere to run to

She had no place to go

Just the hope of some change kept her going

Her suffocation ended when she saw her two daughters

As reminded herself to just breathe, just breathe.


4 thoughts on “The Original Sin

  1. Hello
    Just passing by. I was looking through poem tags and this one really caught me attention. Something special…

  2. dats su true… though people have started accepting girls now…. they are given all the love in the world by their parents…. but b it america or india… the distinction remains…. a line which is very visible nd very profound… Girls are always expected to sacrifice…to love … to nurture… to understand…..

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