Queen of the Mall

I came, I saw, I bought! This was the story of my life when I reached Pune to complete my degree this semester. All of us had a misunderstanding that the college will begin on a particular day; turns out we all were wrong. So we were jobless, for a week and what do girls do when we have no work and all the time in the world? We Shop!

So I entered paradise (for me that is), the shopping mall. And there in front of me were olfactory teasing perfumes, greed arousing cosmetics and lots and lots of clothes! All this had a magnetic pull on me and I walked in like a somnambulist. I tried on clothes and jewellery. The best thing about these retail outlets is that you can spend hours and not necessarily spend any money. That is what we all did. We spent our time doing trials and clicking pictures of each other in clothes that we will never dare to wear outside of the trial room.

At the end of the day with my wallet considerably lighter and my heart satiated, I rested my tired feet in a coffee shop and we ended up chatting. What pleasure does shopping give us? What is this retail therapy? And how come it affects only women? We got the answers to some of these big mysteries and derived the conclusion that shopping is a very effective way of passing time probably that is one of the reasons that we enjoy it.  And then there is the fun quotient involved in it, which is a very attractive thing. Women enjoy shopping for everything from fruits to diamonds.  The saying that men do not enjoy shopping is a myth. Take a guy to an auto store and he will be seen drooling! Retail has the same effect on both the sexes, just the products are different.

So with all the physical work of trials and standing in queues and the mental work of discussing and debating, we all went home tired and happy, feeling as if we had accomplished something worthwhile because we got clothes on sale and had new ‘back to college’ wardrobes . While getting ready to sleep I wondered, people say money can’t buy happiness. I feel that money can buy things which give you happiness, maybe not for a long time, but for that day I was happy and I realized this is what retail therapy actually is. They may con you into buying things you do not need, but finding the ultimate bargain makes anyone feel like the queen of the mall. What more can anyone want!


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