Cat vs. Dog

She came strolling in

As if she owned the place

Slowly and gracefully

She jumped on the bed


The little cat with eyes of yellow

Her bristly fur of white and brown

She settled down on the comforter

And she started licking herself up and down


She wouldn’t respond to anyone’s call

She conveniently ignored the real owners of the room

She appeared all high and mighty

Disdainfully looking around


Now if instead of her it was a dog that had come in

All cuddly and playful and soft

How would he have behaved

With us all?


He would have come bouncing in

His tail a wagging

Panting and peering

He would have put his paws first on everything


His eyes warm and brown

His scruffy fur cuddly and smooth

He would have sniffed around the bed

And then sat down


He would have begged for attention

Turning his head towards any sound

He would have licked every one

Before finally settling down


So then how can one blame me for being a dog person?

When they are so adorable

They care for you and they value

Any one big or small


Both the animals have their own special charm

But can you compare

The cold iciness of the cats

To the warm affection of the dogs


The bank stares to the worship

The nonchalant distance to the incessant adoring

The frosty mewing to the affectionate woofing

The sharp claws to the padded paws


Some might disagree and some might not

But I have made up my mind

The dog is a more lovable creature

Without a doubt


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