Yin Yang

The grass grows and then it does not

The flowers bloom and then they rot

The birds they come and one day they migrate

But if you think of it, even the night doesn’t stay


Why does this happen? Happiness after sorrow

And it is sorrow after happiness in the morrow

It’s a circle, two sides of a coin whatever you may call it

You can brood about it or in this spiral make your life fit.


We laugh we cry

We live we die

We eat we diet

We sink to the bottom or we scale the heights


We believe in the stars or we make our own destiny

We let others rule our life or we revolt against tyranny

We find love and we let it go

We resort to the fast or to the slow


And thus we try to fit in

And make our lives as beautiful as a goldfish’s fin

We may quarrel and we may fight

But in the end we have to believe that everything will turn out to be all right.


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